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I cannot help but feel there is something strangely appropriate about Joe crawling out of a, well, you know, in celebration of our 100th strip.  There's a metaphor in there somewhere and I'm pretty sure you won't have to dig (eh?  eh?) too deep to find it.  Those of you who have been here and those who jumped on this rickety train mean a great deal to me and I appreciate you taking time out of your day and popping over our way. 

Lest I get too sappy, allow me to lay down game lingo for ya'll.  The Saboteur is now twenty bucks and well worth the price of entry.  It's not really going to win any awards for originality, but it's a fun distraction and killing Nazis is second only to the zombie plague in terms of satisfaction.  I'm already nearing the half-way mark which appears to make for a short game but there are also free-play objectives (destorying fuel depots, taking out watchtowers, etc.) and there are apparently thirteen hundred - yes, hundred - of these.  My entire map is littered with little white dots signifying said objectives and the effect is honestly paralyzing.  I go to tackle a few just to bum around Paris and cause some ultra violence and I find myself doing one and then getting nervous at the sheer prospect of what is before me.  Perhaps this is good?  After finishing the game proper I can fire it up from time to time and do what race car drivers turn freedom fighters do best. 

Also, having Joe text me after hitting certain milestones in FF XIII brings a strange joy to my blackened heart. 

Wait, how many?


That's right readership - 100 strips. One-zero-zero. The centennial. Droppin the Benjamins if you will.

With the exception of a couple of technical flubs here and there, we've delivered the P3 goods every M-W-F for 100 strips. This post is a huge congratulations to Mr Blue for such an accomplishment.

The most exciting thing to me is that he's got no signs of slowing down. We're here to stay this time, and we really appreciate those of you who are new to the party, and those of you who have been partying with us since the days of riding on top of my jeep.


Coming up: Payday bars, silent strips, super heroes.... books? maybe even an iphone app??