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It's only Monday and I cannot wait until Friday.  Why's that, you ask?  It may have something to do with A Nightmare on Elm Street hitting that day.  It's a little bothersome to me how over the years horror figures that were once respected (I'll say loosely) as genuine producers of fright have fallen away into the camp category after years of abuse and unnecessary sequels.  Now one could certainly argue that most of these - your Nightmares, Fridays, Halloweens - were camp to begin with and I won't completely argue otherwise, but if you watch either the first or second films, there was at least a love of the genre there.  I'm not saying a folks who made Killer Klowns don't love the genre as well, but it's a little different than when we first got a glimpse of that knifed glove or that hockey mask.  Slasher flicks were once genuinely frightening and all the watering of them did was pave the way for Urban Legend and whatever the crap else passes for slasher these days.  Don't mistake me and think I'm saying I wouldn't pay to see a number of these, I would and willingly and then shake my fist afterwards, but that also means that every now and again my favored genre is done right and I remember what it's actually capable of.  Now I'm not saying that's what's going to happen here, my expectations are low, but it certainly looks and feels like it did the first time around and that is a very good thing.  Because the original Nightmare is a fine piece of horror and if it's even half as good, Friday cannot come soon enough. 

Any other day I would bemoan the reboot but for some reason I just can't when Freddy, Jason, and Michael are involved.  It's like discovering childhood friends on Facebook and hoping that when you click the INFO section you won't be ashamed.