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The road goes ever on and on


I return to you now at the turn of the tide.

Joe appears to be in one piece.  Not that I've seen him, not yet, but he at least sounds as though he's in one piece.  Could quite easily be his hair talking and I wouldn't know the difference, his dead husk draped over an easy chair like our friend Bernie and the group who had a weekend at his place, said hair writhing in its demon form and I none the wiser.  Yes, also a possibility.

Today marks part one of six in an experiment of mine that I hope you find enjoyable.  If not, read it anyhow.  I enjoy the idea of storytelling without words and this was a good way for me to both pull out of my comfort zone and to try something a little different.  While there is certainly (and always) room for improvement, I'm pleased with the final result and a little nervous allowing it to leave my home and wander the real world for a spell.  I'm probably being too dramatic about this.  Drawing myself and Joe (and our respective others) is "easy" and the stories therein are too.  Some of them are based on truth - Joe's dump in the toilet, for example, and don't let his silver tongue fool you into thinking otherwise - the longer threads steeped, in part, on kernels fused with how we both wish our lives were at times.  Grand scales from Columbus, Ohio, as it were.  These things write themselves.  But the strip today is a little different and certainly something I'm looking to continue, if only to try something harder for myself.  We'll see.  Hopefully it at least falls into the "not bad" category and steers somewhat clear of "seriously, just stop".

Iron Man 2 this weekend.  I think Joe is more excited than I am which is fine.  He's the comic guy.  I just work here.  The first film was enjoyable though had it not been a superhero flick with its own history I think it may have been less so.  While it's certainly raised over the years, the bar for the genre isn't terribly high to begin with so anything that isn't awful gets more of a pass than is often merited.  Not saying that was the case with the original, it was definitely good, but I'm not sure how much strength is in Tony Stark as a story-telling engine.  I like him as a character but I've truthfully never gotten much into Iron Man as a whole.  Batman is interesting to me.  Spider-man too when the voice is handled correctly.  Outside of that...I'm honestly drawing a blank.  I doubt I'm going to walk away disappointed, but I think if Joe weren't in my life, this would be a much smaller blip on my radar.  Though, if I weren't in Joe's life, the last slasher flick he would have seen would have come out in the 80s.  So there is something to be said about friendship.