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Back in Red/Yellow


Part Two is up for your viewing pleasure.  Or displeasure, if you don't care for it.

Joe, I, and the Ashley saw Iron Man 2 yesterday.  It was fine.  Like noodles or broccoli steamed too long, or perhaps chicken without any sort of seasoning to it.  Just sort of there with no actual flavor to speak of.  I don't want to give the impression that it's a bad film, because it isn't, it just didn't do a whole heck of a lot for me.  The first was enjoyable and a bit of a surprise to me.  The second I expected a bit more from which may be either foolish or premature of me.  Not ever sequel needs to be bigger in order to be better, but there just didn't seem much to this.  The villains were largely forgettable and underused which was a shame.  I never felt any real threat from anything.  Now with most superhero flicks there isn't a terrible amount of threat given that you know exactly who will previal in the end, but still.  I would at least like some tension.  It works well as a character piece rather than an action flick and I honestly feel they're either labeling or marketing it incorrectly (deceivingly?) in order to cast a wider net.  Not that people really need to be convinced to come out.  Not really.

Anyhow:  fine overall, not great, not terrible, certainly something to Netflix or grab from those little red boxes that have popped up everywhere, but I can't really recommend you rush out and see it.  Joe may argue with me on that as he's more into the genre than I am, but I felt a little cheated financially there.  Ah well.  I've spent money on far worse and been okay with it.

Enjoy the start of your week.



Iron Man was an interesting mixed bag, to say the least. It's true though, as the story played out there were a lot of beats that happened as they were supposed to, and as an audience member you could make an easy leap from one moment to the next, but it seemed to be missing a solid through line. Some driving force that kept you moving from scene to scene. It was good not great.

Funnily enough, I did like it as a character piece. The acting was solid and you could tell they were trying to plant seeds along the way for the 'larger universe' which got me thinking:

Comic movies are no longer a rarity. It's been 10 years since X-Men dropped into our laps as an exploration of what could be done with those little 24 page pieces of entertainment on the big screen, and the genre has given us at least one or two movies a year since. They're really getting to the point now where the quality and entertainment value is starting to draw parallels with the medium they originally came from. There are those issues you pick up and just plow through, they're exciting and you know before you've finished that you're going to want to pick up the hardcover and stick it on your shelf for repeated viewings (X2, Dark Knight) Then you've got those clunkers which make you ask yourself why you're still picking this book up on a monthly basis. (Ghost Rider.) And then, somewhere in the middle, you've got those books you're still reading because you like the characters, but the story's not really doing it for you any more. You know it's going somewhere you're going to like and you want to be there for the ride, but those particular issues are just a grand okay. That's where Iron Man 2 lives for me. I dug the first issues a lot, this arc is kind of weak, but I want to follow along because I know I want to be there when it all comes to head.

In conclusion: Black Widow looks good in a bodysuit, Robert Downey Jr is still a great Tony Stark, and the trailers for Super 8 and Inception were really cool.