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Line Piece!


Is it Friday already?  When did that happen?

Couple of bits here.  Amy and I finally wrapped Battlestar Galactica last night.  Amazing.  Incredible.  One of the best shows I've seen and easily in my top five of television hands down.  Heck, some of the best sci-fi I've seen period regardless of medium.  I highly suggest watching The Plan which maps things out from the beginning from you from the viewpoint of the Cylons and it does a fantastic job of putting little bows on everything nice and neat and showing how everything came to be.  Amy wasn't quite as keen on it as I was, but I absolutely geek out over that level of detail and when I see something laid out that far in advance it fires all of the right signals for me.  So perhaps it will mean little to you but getting the chance to see it all come together like that just made me happy.

Now, with this, you know I'm a board game person.  A small one for now, a Padawan, if it pleases you, but I'm working my way up the ladder.  The fine people who made Arkham Horror (which is my personal favorite hands down) also have a Battlestar game that I am now desperate to get my hands on.  I suggest looking up info on it if you're a fan of the show as I don't want to bog everyone here with the fancy nitty gritty, but the possibilities on how each session would play out seem almost endless and would make for an excellent night of who-dunnitery.  New genre, right there.  Consider that trademarked.  I highly doubt this will be coming to me any time in the near future, but here's keeping my fingers crossed I inhert sixty some bucks somewhere out of the blue.  Or would that be to the Blue?  Moving on.

So I broke down and picked up 3D Dot Game Heroes.  Yes, yes, I realize Red Dead Redemption hits in five days (though, in my defense, it's already paid for) but seeing the reviews come in and listening to everyone who's playing it give their opinions snapped what little will I have.  To drudge up Arkham, you might even say I lost a Sanity token.  Yes.   3D is a love song to the games I grew up with, Zelda in particular, and I've honestly had a grin on my face for every hour I've put in thus far.  The overall feel is exceptionally Legend of Zelda-like, the overworld pulling a good deal from A Link to the Past where the dungeons are absolute 8 Bit Legend.  There are bits of other games sprinkled in too and even a toss over to Demon's Souls - which I'm still playing - as well which is neat as they come from the same publisher.  I love it when a game knows exactly what it is and too when a game knows specifically who its audience is.  I understand some may consider it a "rip-off" of sorts and sure, you could say that, but you'd be missing the point.  If the tone were serious that might be one thing but the entire experience has been so lovingly recreated that it's impossible not to get swept up along the way.  I now have a bow and arrow, bombs, a boomerang (squeal!), and a sack full of candles.  It's like they're speaking directly to me.  You can even make your own hero out of tiny blocks.  So far I've kept the default as I'm too anxious to get into the game but what little I've messed with it has seen me attempting to recreate Lion-O.  I've failed miserably, but that's to be expected.  If you do a quick search you'll find fantastic renderings of Kratos, Batman, Iron Man, even Darkwing Duck (which is so awesome it makes awesome look dumb), even the entire cast of Final Fantasy IV and a small helping of VII.  People have some serious talent putting all of those tiny blocks together and it only makes the game that much better.  Buy it.  If you owned an NES and were old enough to have played it when that was all there was (yes, I realize Atari was around though it was dying and you could count the Commodore 64...and the Master System, but you get the point...), then this is a must own.  No question. 

Finally, the more I hear about Red Dead the more I crave.  I'm taking Tuesday off of work to spend in the wild west and I suggest you join me.  It's easy to take days off of work when you work with your wife.  Who loves you.  And is terrific.  And understanding.  And patient.  I hope she's reading this right now.

Enjoy the weekend.  And enjoy Part 4.  Hopefully you're still with us.