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Touching, really...


So I've dipped my toes in to the pool of Mac. 

The long story short was that I wanted something I could carry with me that would play music, carry my schedule, sync with my online calendars, and provide all of those handy things that internet connectivity provides - but I had zero interest in actually buying a data plan for my phone. I spend an average of 10 hours a day working at a PC, I really don't need to be connected any more than that at the rate of an additional $20 / month.

Ashley suggested that since my birthday was coming up, maybe I could get an iPod touch for my birthday. Not much 'surprise' in talking about birthday gifts beforehand, but they're not cheap. After running a couple of basic tests on Mr Blue's iPhone, I was sold.

I've had it in my possession for the past few days and I'm loving it. The technology is remarkably intuitive, and it has performed with barely a hiccup. (I still have some beef with the iTunes program, but that's a long standing disagreement between us...) I've fiddled with other 'touch' devices, and it's hard for me to consider this anything but the king. 

Does this make me a convert to macs? No. When it comes to the actual 'home computing' experience I'm still a PC, (and have spent plenty of time working on macs to make a comparison) but you better believe I'm not going to be running out to pick up a Zune or a Droid any time soon.

Bring on the apps baby!