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How's That Going There?


I'm pretty sure Red Dead Redemption has burned me out on gaming.  For the past week or so I've been mustering the desire to fire up the PS3 or even the 360 and I keep coming up short.  Every now and again I hit a gaming lull where nothing really appeals to me and the very idea of playing a game just seems unnecessary and I'm fairly certain I've hit that point.  I'm finally into Mexico in Red Dead which is maybe around the half-way mark give or take and after having done one mission there (which was a blast), I just haven't gone back.  At first I figured I just needed to step away from the Wild West and my nephew was awesome enough to loan me Halo ODST as I had yet to play it and even that has only held my interest for 45 minutes.  I mean, it's cool and it's Halo and I enjoy the differences from 1-3 but too how I still know I'm in the same world.  But even that couldn't keep me focused.  It's a peculiar state to be in.

With that, I decided to try and take the month of June off from gaming.  I've just been finding myself more interested in other ventures or avenues of entertainment be it Planet, writing playing board games, reading, just being, and other pet projects.  It's oddly both relaxing and strangely liberating.  While I know gaming is a hobby, I often treat it closer to a job feeling the need to "get through this to get to that" and almost having the curious need to play without always possessing the tangible desire to do so.  Gaming simply because it's there as opposed to particularly wanting to.  Now, this isn't to say I don't enjoy it, I do, but I can't help but feel as though I've been using it as a distraction rather than pure escapism or experience as of late and I'd like to change that however little.

I don't know.  Perhaps I'm rambling.

I'm sure come July I'll be rattling off inane details about what's coming out when and what fancy it tickles but until then, other ventures.  Enjoy your Friday.



As we get into this story I'd just like to state for the record that any similarities to any actual events that may or may not have happened to either Blue or I is purely coincedental.