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Oh the Horror


For one reason or another, I've gotten it into my head that I need to defeat all of the Ancient Ones in Arkham Horror in order to "beat" the game.  I only have the Kingsport expansion so even after eating everything on my plate I would still have seconds and thirds to go before the task I've placed before myself sees its end, but at least I have a starting point.  The problem is, I'm failing miserably.

Amy and I were staying in a cabin far away for what I would deem civilization and I brought Arkham with me in order to occupy some of those hours.  In order to make the coming battles more manageable, I've gone and hand-selected which villain to fight along with who my party will consist of.  I figure this way, I'll at least have a fighting chance.  Not so.  I played once a day and lost once a day.  How is that possible?  Perhaps it's due to my choosing Yig to battle against as his stats aren't too terrible however, he awakens really darn quick.  And, when the final battle starts, the fool curses everyone which is just one big pile of suck.  There wasn't one game that he didn't wake up no matter how far ahead of the curve I thought myself to be.  Now that I'm back amongst the living my play-time will certainly dwindle but I still have my eyes on the make-believe prize and I intend to see this through.  What concerns me is that I see Yig as one of the "starter" baddies as there are some in the mix that I don't even want to think about going up against and I'm losing to him rather handily.  That's not a good sign.

Also, you should look up the new Mortal Kombat short on YouTube if you haven't seen it already.  It's interesting.  Apparently it's a mock-up for a full-length film they'd like to put together and there are some recognizable faces in there (as in actors, not as in Scorpion).  They take the material seriously which is an odd choice when you know what the material is, but it was shot quite well and at least had an interesting take on the world.  I've certainly paid to see worse so I'm sure if it became a real boy I'd be in a seat to see it through but in the meantime, I'd recommend giving it a look.  It's not half-bad.  Though the original MK flick is still great.  Haters wanna hate.