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The subject may be spelled wrong but I'll bet you know what it says.  So meh.

Joe and Ashley are off to the wilds of Maine for a bit so you're stuck with me for the next few days.  I have no idea what's in Maine besides Stephen King and animals with horns of some type (is an antler a horn?  I refuse to call them "racks" as I'll just end up giggling) but how they choose to spend their money is none of my business.  Perhaps next year they'll opt for Idaho.  Because it's Idaho. 

So I didn't talk much about Toy Story 3 as I forgot it was Monday and that I promised to speak on it and then one thing lead to another and I forgot again.  There isn't really much I can say, I'm realizing, that most of you haven't either heard already or likely know already as when you're dealing with both Pixar and Toy Story, you should be on pretty familiar ground.  I do feel fortunate enough to be able to have seen each Pixar film in the theater and remember seeing them in the theater as I have a strong feeling that's going to be something special some day.  Much like how one might look back on the early Disney films and just how incredible they are (and especially were), I love that my generation has a company that knows storytelling and knows magic which are both things very important to me.  Pixar has yet to do wrong by me and that's saying quite a bit given my level of acceptance.