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On the Undead


Vampires have always been my favorite of the monster family.  My brother leans towards Werewolves which I am also quite partial to (if only Underworld wasn't a giant sack of fail it may have preempted the Hadron Particle Collider (which is, interestingly enough, not a word) and formed a geek-fused black hole and swallowed the earth, but alas).  Perhaps it's my recent bought(s) of Last Night on Earth gaming and salivating over said game prior to it's acquisition, but I have been on a wicked zombie tear as of late.  Don't get me wrong, they have also shared quite a bit of real estate in my heart but were always relegated to the cellar by the resident bats and wolves therein.  Over the past two weeks I've picked up an unnecessary amount of zombie literature (and may I go on record here and say that, while great in concept, World War Z is a poorly written book and is repetitive is repetitive) and have been spending a fair amount of time with the newly reanimated.  I am also eyeballing Left4Dead after having found it repetitive as well and tossed it aside, if that tells you how far down the OCD roots truly go.

Zombieland comes out this Friday.  Providence?  I dare say so.

And, on a semi-related note, I'm drifting into the dark and expensive realm of board game desire that gripped me in my youth and I'm afraid of what may happen when I come out of that black place.  In the following weeks we'll see if I escape that unscathed.  Doubtful, but I'm an optimist.



This is a momentous occasion. I've completed building my own system where Blue and I can post to the Soapbox (blog) from any where, any time, any place! And I've made it all user friendly so that Blue and I don't have to battle with things like 'tags' and HTML any more.




So what does this mean to you? Basically - it means that this project is 'done' and I can move on to bringing you cooler stuff that you can actually see. Woo-hoo!