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Traitor to the Cause


A little over a week ago, maybe two now, everyone I knew was busy elsewhere so I went to my default place - the movies. After much deliberation I decided to go see the Karate Kid. I felt like I was betraying my 80's heritage a little but, but seeing this one doesn't do anything to diminish the other, right?

Let's get the obvious out of the way:

- It is not as totally 80's as the original
- Yes, it should be called the Kung Fu Kid.
- There is no Johnny, no Sweep the Leg, no Cobra Kai, and nothing as memorable as Wax On Wax Off.

The long and short of it, is that this is a different movie altogether. Similar themes and character types previal, but it's not Myagi and it's sure not Daniel San.

Even as a fan of the original though, I can watch it today and feel how amazingly dated it is. It's a Chuck Norris movie for kids. It is still awesome, but if I was a kid today and my dad sat me down to watch it - I have a feeling it would be a cheese fest. It's an 80's movie.

At the end of the day, the new Karate Kid is really a great flick. The choreography was beautiful, the storyline touching, and most of it feels extremely credible. Jayden Smith is the heir apparent to his dad's (and mom's) ability to be confident and slightly cocky without coming across like he's full of himself. He's just likable. Jackie Chan was equally entertaining in a (almost) completely non-comedic role. Like Miyagi, Mr. Han has some tragedy in his past and when the time comes in the movie to address it Jackie Chan hits all the right notes.

I left the movie with a giant smile on my face. Not because I was full of nostalgia or remembering better days, but because I had just seen a great movie that payed real homage to the original while having the strength to be its own thing.

Enjoy the show.



I think I threw up in my mouth. 

You did what?  On you way home from the theater, did you perhaps eat a hot sandwich in from of a homeless man?  Or maybe find a young boy's dog, scoop him up, and take him to a local kill shelter? 

Because both of those things would have been better.  They'll stop peeing on our childhood when you stop giving them money for doing so.  Hand of God if they remake Goonies or The Princess Bride, you are the first person I'm coming for.