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Yesterday Ashley and I went to the Ohio Theater for their CAPA Movie Series and saw My Fair Lady.

For those that don't know what that sentence means, let me elaborate: The Ohio Theater is a giant old time stage and movie theater with plush seats, a balcony, and a huge pipe organ that plays music before the show. Every summer they run classic movies on the big screen and you can get in for dirt cheap. There's even an intermission with more music. It's amazing.

Going to these has given me more of an appreciation for 'old musical' movies. Seeing The King and I there was a revelation. They were shot and acted just like musical plays, there's even sometimes where the shot is framed in such a way where it looks like you could walk from the baseboards of the stage right in to whatever scene is playing out in front of you. As much as we say this about action movies today, these movies were literally made to be seen on a big screen.

I thoroughly enjoyed myself, and it got me thinking about all of the 'classic' movies I haven't seen. Some on the list I really need the motivation to see, but just haven't gotten around to it yet. "The Sting" has been sitting on my shelf for almost a month.

So this is my official proclamation that I'm going to try (try) and get through the AFI top 100 list. They released a 10th anniversary version of the list in '07, and that's going to be my official list.

There are some movies on there I've seen many times that I really know (i.e. The Godfather, Apocalypse Now) those will be skipped. But there are others that I've only seen once, and that was some time ago (Citizen Kane... didn't really love it the first time, i've heard it gets better the 2nd time around.) those movies I plan on revisiting.

I'm not going to review them all here, even though that would keep me honest, but I will deliver updates occasionally, and if anything comes my way that I have to share - you know you'll see it here first.

As always, thanks for reading and enjoy the show.