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Welcome to Friday everybody.  Or, now that I've discovered Futurama is streaming on Netflix:  Good News Everyone!  Before two days ago, I had only ever seen a handful of Futurama episodes and while I enjoyed what was there, I never really paid enough attention to it to keep tuning in regularly.  I'm about half-way through season one as it is and I'm loving it.  Joe says it gets even better into season two so I'm anxious to see how it's even more enjoyable.  I'm behind the curve when it comes to television enjoyment.  I suppose that's okay.

Quick shout-out to Madden 11.  I go in bursts in terms of my enjoyment of the sports genre.  I'm overall pretty terrible at them and after a bit realize that I'm not actually playing a sport (which oddly doesn't happen with something like Halo; I never realize I'm not actually fighting aliens) and the experience then wanes for me.  I downloaded the demo for 11 the other day and have played four or five games thus far and I'm absolutely loving it.  The controls, the animations, the gameplay and play-calling are all leagues above the previous entries in the series and I'm finding it so much more accessible and much less overwhelming.  This may be the first sports game that I've purchased day one in at least a decade.  If you even remotely enjoy the sport and the genre, you definitely owe it to yourself to check it out.  You shouldn't be disappointed.

Also, a quick shout-out to Starcraft 2.  I am heinous - HEINOUS - at RTS games which is why I stay away from them with as long a pole as I can find.  That's what she said.  The trailers and cut-scenes for it are incredible, certainly what one would expect from Blizzard, and make me salivate to take a go, but I can't bring it upon myself to spend the money.  I played some of SC1 and, while I liked what was there, the minute I had to start building stuff in order to produce units and then upgrade said buildings to do other things, I sort of tapped out.  And by sort of I mean completely.  I love me some chess and puzzle games but for whatever reason my head just doesn't work like that and the minute I begin juggling all of these units and managing a handful of resources, a switch gets flipped and I shut off.  It's like some strange force-field my brain has developed to keep itself from overloading.  So while I want to play SC2 and experience it along with the rest of the world, I know that I'd spend the money only to hate myself within the week and bemoan the fact that I didn't spend it more reasonably.  On, say, another viewing of Inception.

Reached disc 3 (finally!) in FF9.  Still in love.  My DQ9 - all these 9s are least there isn't a Seven Of to be found anywhere - time has dwindled considerably thanks to the third Dresden Files book which continues to be fantastic.  Joe likened Futurama to popcorn in the ease in which it's taken in and I'll agree with him there and add the Dresden Books to that list as well.  Quick reads, good writing, enjoyable characters, ridiculous fun plot.  Honestly, it's even cut into my FF9 time but don't tell too many people:  I have a reputation to keep.  

Speaking of FF9, I hope you dug the Vivi from Wednesday.  Today you're getting Steiner.  If I were being honest, while I love me some Vivi (he's the type of character you can't help but love...he's easy to love (much like myself)), I would say that either Steiner is my favorite followed very closely by Quina.  There's something about Steiner that hits me the right way.  His aloofness, his dedication, his single-mindedness, his temper and complete inability to fit in anywhere.  He's great.  No idea what about him strikes me so, but he just hits the right chords.  Quina - who I hope to put up next week - is just brilliant.  Absolutely so.  The way s/he is forever searching for the right meal and how that drives his/her actions so completely is great.  And, she has some of the best encounters in the game hands with NPCs hands down.  

So enjoy your Friday, enjoy your weekend and (hopefully) enjoy Steiner.  I'm not quite as happy with him as I was/am in how Vivi turned out but hey:  can't win 'em all.