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Ah, Zombies.


Blue loves zombies. This is no exaggeration. If it comes with the walking, brain eating dead, he's there. And the funny thing is, if it's a movie he usually brings me along for the ride. The real joke is that I don't really have any love for seeing gore on the screen. I don't know why, it doesn't offend me, it doesn't frighten me, and I've even become slightly accustomed to seeing intestines - which for quite a while were my weakness. But after years of being dragged along to see zombie movies, I can honestly say that I can really appreciate the good ones.

And I had a blast at Zombieland.

More action /comedy than action / horror, Zombieland is a prime example of a zombie movie I can love. Following a ragtag band of characters as they battle  their way across the country to an amusement park (of course) is just pure entertainment. The running commentary was funny (except Jesse Eisenberg channels Michael Cera a bit too much for my liking) and you can tell that the people behind the lens were just having a ball.

I think it can be summed up this way: they gave a crazy man load of guns, and then put him on a rollercoaster with zombies chasing after him. He rides the rollercoaster laughing and shooting his whole way through. This isn't a metaphor, it's an actual scene.

So great.





Everything Joe said is true.  Quite true.  Zombieland ruled, the amount of gore was just right (I mean seriously: what else are Zombies going to eat but intestines and neck skin and, naturally, brains?), and the absurdidty was spot on.  Zombies are one of the few "monster" creatures in any medium that have the ability to exist as a parody of the horror genre and thrive there.  Sure there are decent horror flicks that have their fair amount of chills and thrills but I've never really seen them as a legitimate threat.  No idea why, but there you have it.  Zombies, in my mind, exist in a wonderful world where ammunition is plentiful, everyone has a chainsaw, and each car is outfitted like a death carnival on wheels.  Because of this, Zombieland hit all of the right notes on my end.  I'm all for Zombies in my legitimate horror - .Rec is a great example of such - but I much prefer the over-the-top and I got that in spades.