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Platinum Steam


I meant to mention this Friday but ended up becoming distracted and forgot to post altogether.  After much toil I finally picked up my Platinum trophy in Batman: Arkham and it was totally work it.  My second one.  I know many out there have well over 2 but hey:  I'm still pleased so you can just shut your stupid face.

Where was I?  Right.  I've canceled my Mafia 2 pre-order for the time being.  It still looks like a good time but from what I've started reading the story itself is pretty short and there's little in the way of side-missions and the time spent there is pretty linear.  Not that this is bad, again, but I rarely buy games new and when I do, it's either a game I must must have (FF 13) or one that will last quite a while.  For now, I'm spending my time with Ratchet and Clank: Going Commando as I've only played the first and Tools of Destruction for the PS3 until now.  Still chipping away too at FF9 but the stupid mini-game I have to play to finish off some of my characters and make them strong enough to actually beat the game is so amazingly tedious that I can only play in half-hour bursts.  Blarg.

Outside of that, nothing terribly important.  Hope more exciting ventures are taking place in your world.  See you Wednesday.