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Final Fantasy XIV and I have decided to part ways.  While I've never been in an abusive relationship, I believe the dynamic between myself and XIV is similar to what that might be like.  There's something good in there, I know there is, I've seen it, but it fights with me every step of the way and is purposefully punishing and aloof that even though I catch the occasional glimpse, I'm sent right back to a corner wailing and swinging a keyboard in frustration.  What's worse, right when I get a sense of what it is I'm supposed to be doing or capable of and then three to four other things crop up that I don't remotely "get".  My assumption is that in the coming months after its release, the game will be tweaked to either a manageable level or there will be some sort of guide/compass to help those along their way.  That's my hope.  Because, again, the game that XIV is capable of is definitely one I'd like to be a part of but it's nowhere near that point yet currently.  I know some people are loving it and that's great for them, I just don't have that kind of patience.  While there are bits that are a step forward for the genre, there's a good dozen-plus decisions that are a startling step back which only serves to make it all the more confusing.  Ah well.  I still have Star Wars to look forward to sometime (hopefully) next year.  If that turns out to tank as well I'll be left to my own devices.