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The Dude


That's what Amy and I call Jenkins.  We have a ridiculous amount of names for him but that's one of the top phrases that happens to come out from time to time.  

I've been trying to figure out a way to incorporate Jenkins into the strip for a while now.  All of the important people in my life are in or have been in Planet at one time or another and it seemed wrong, somehow, that he had yet to enter our lives.  He'll be four this coming December so he's not quite in the "puppy" stage that we find him here and he wasn't a shelter dog but rather an accident birthed from my cousin's basset's promiscuity.  The original plan was to name him Leeroy, at least that was my suggestion, however Amy managed to trump that rather well with what we eventually deemed him solidifying her place as my wife.  Jenkins is a beagle/basset (called a bagel, apparently, in some circles) who is our entire world.  In the same way that people dote on their children or live vicariously through them, we do with him.  It's strange how attached we can become to an animal but there really is no doubt that he's our son.  I mean, he's even inherited many of my traits.  He enjoys eating to a fault, he's vindictive one minute and loving the next, one who will howl when he doesn't get his way and just stare you down until he does.  In a word, he's wonderful.

As a quick aside, I do love driving around with Jenkins in the back seat and seeing him looking at me in the rearview mirror.  It can be a little unsettling until you become used to it where it then becomes fantastic.  He doesn't really have what you would call a personal bubble.  Just ask Ashley.

Enjoy your Monday.  And enjoy Jenkins.

It's True.


Zero bubble.