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I've had little time to progress much in the ways of Castlevania but what I have played continues to both impress and improve.  I'm on the last level of Chapter 3 currently so there's still quite a bit of meat left in the game proper which is just fine by me.  All my time with the lycans is taking away from what time I could be investing in my go-through of Dead Space but that's just fine with me too.  I'd like to try and devote equal playing to both but there simply aren't enough hours in the day.  

I know I've mentioned the Dresden Files here before and I'm currently reading the fifth "Death Masks".  I lucked out and found books 5-8 at a Half Price Books which looks to keep me occupied for a bit at least.  Perhaps a month.  Anyhow:  Masks is unnecessarily good.  I enjoy the series in that it fills a Buffy itch for me and the writing is pretty okay - not great, certainly not bad - but I've come to love the characters and my time in that world.  I believe Butcher, the author, wrote the first three novels before selling the first so the writing there is pretty similar however by book five it's gotten significantly beter.  While I still find Fool Moon (the second) to be my favorite thus far, Masks is coming up very quickly looking to take over that title.  If you've never read the series, I highly recommend it.  Great fun.

Enjoy the weekend kids.