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The Rundown


First play of Dead Space has concluded.  I await your applause.  By the end I had so much money and had upgraded the bulk of my "I use these" weapons to such a degree that the enemies became paper.  I'm wondering how the next round will go in the New Game+ where I blow everything a new hole from Chapter 1.  But, before then:  Castlevania.  I'm about half-way through Chapter 5 and it continues to amaze.  The boss battles are genius, the levels beautiful, and the combat equally so.  Everything about this game rules.  One of the biggest flaws I've heard seems to revolve around the camera and how it gets locked behind things it shouldn't and won't focus on enemies you need to be killing.  Honestly, I haven't found this.  I'll wager to say I'm in the minority with this and maybe just a bit more tolerant (perhaps having read about this time and again it just bore its way in and I had already mentally prepped for it?) but the camera isn't slowing my enjoyment in any way.

Also, everyone talks about how incredible the ending is.  I just want to get there so I can experience it and see what all of the fuss is about.  I'm hoping my expectations here aren't tempered in the same way they are/were with the camera and I end up being mildly surprised rather than floored.  Perhaps somewhere in the middle is best, who's to say?  

Continuing Glee has been good.  Enjoyable even.  Where it's on it's on and when it's not it's still better than most things.  Not exceptional but certainly worth my attention span.

And finally:  having finished the fifth book of the Dresden Files, I'm now reading "The Well of Ascension" by Brandon Sanderson, book two of the Mistborn trilogy.  I had a really good time with the first and am already enjoying the second more.  The first had such a unique setting and a compelling cast of characters that I was anxious to see what he did for the second outing and it's certainly holding up quite well.  I'll report back later on but for now, a great Fantasy read.  Sanderson actually took over the Wheel of Time series after Jordan passed away and is working on finishing the run based on Jordan's notes.  Apparently his work is excelling which is what made me want to see what his original novels were like.  I've only read the first three WoT books but I may end up nabbing them when everything is said and done.

Peace out.  Blue out.

An Announcement?


I'm now far enough along in my super-secret project to reveal its purpose!

The site is getting a makeover. I've been hesitant to discuss it until now, because I wanted to be sure that I had the time and resources to do it properly. I do like the site as it is, and the general layout remains the same. (For the design nerds out there: i feel that the minimalist style of the site along with the grayscale allows the black and white artwork to stand out without being overwhelmed by its surroundings.)

That said, it feels 'small' and limited. The strip is going on to the big 200 and it feels like the scope of the stories needs to be represented in the design a bit more. Certain shading effects need to be enhanced, and allow pieces to stand out more.  But then there are the functionality changes. Some of which will be presented immediately, others will take some more time to develop. What you can look forward to though:

- a menu bar across the top of the site, giving immediate access to anywhere in the site.

- a complete archives page

- a storyline breakdown, letting you jump directly to any story

- a comment system, allowing you (and us) to comment directly on your favorite strips

- a dedicated downloads section for wallpapers, etc.

- a new wallpaper to go with the new downloads section


And further down the line (hopefully by the end of the year)

- A Shop section.

- A search feature, allowing you to search for individual posts and strips. I'm still working out the details if this will be based on text or tags - but eventually this will be helpful.

- A Cast page, featuring the full breakdown of our ever-growing and ever evolving cast.


The site's also being built with expandability in mind, so that as we grow the site can evolve organically. Couple that with a new marketing strategy, and 2011 could be the year of the Planet.

See you soon!