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Sorry, the Game


I always freaking hated Sorry.  It was a game based on luck that encouraged you to apologize for being a prick.  I don't really care if you are a prick and are using a board game to see that through, but don't apologize for embracing the role of the genre.  You're supposed to win in those situations.  Why are you apologizing?  For ruining someone else's experience?  That's the entire point.  Let me apologize to the cashier at the checkout counter for bringing him my groceries.  

Where was I?  Over the weekend I managed to acquire some type of food-born dps strain (I'm putting my virus into MMO terms, I hope you all appreciate that) that attacked my body like some sort of heroic raid encounter.  I know people toss around the word "literally" stripping of it of it's actual meaning, but I was literally fine one minute and retching the next.  Complete 180.  I didn't even know that was humanly possible but I felt just grand and then boom.  To continue the MMO string:  I was ganked.  And, for those of you who don't know what that means and assume it sounds somewhat pleasurable, it isn't.  Some fool stabs you when you're just minding your own business picking flower or reading a book or preparing a sandwich.  And then you're dead.  Barring that: your head is in a trash can.  Throwing up (not decapitated).  I thought I should clarify.

What Joe mentioned in his brief post was true: things are building.  Those of you who have seen the fine film They Live will know where this is going.  If you haven't:  you should.  Where Gonzales saw a little nod to Gremlins, I wanted to tap into something slightly more obscure for round two.  To be fair, it shouldn't be obscure, but I appreciate the world we live in and have come to understand my place in it.  Other candidates included Scanners, Fright Night (and woe to you if you believe I'm speaking of the balls remake on the way), Critters, or, possible IT.  The book version.  Well, more Tim Curry and less Pennywise.  

Maybe when part three hits.  What's that?  Foreshadowing you say?  In my defense, I said as much over one-hundred strips ago.  That's right.  Word to your mother.


A brief delay


I just wanted to let everyone know there'll be a brief delay on today's strip. My power supply on my PC went out midway through lettering, and I have to take care of my day job as well.

That said - it'll be up by tonight. Thanks for your patience! (in the meantime, enjoy Mr Blue's post...)