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Castlevania:  Lords of Shadow has been put to rest.  The game is good, quite good, if a little repetitive (though honestly, few games aren't, I suppose).  I've wanted a Castlevania game that changed up the series for a while now and this is certainly it and in no way does it disappoint.  I had heard so much about the scene following the credits and that too doesn't disappoint.  Near worth playing that game simply for that alone.  Looking forward to replaying it down the road on the nearly unlocked mode of Pain And Lamentation though that may wait for a dry spell.  Not that I'm without games to play even if said spell happens to arise.  I stopped FF XII to have another go at Dead Space which then led into Castlevania which may very well lead back into Dead Space depending on my mood.  I still have Valkyria Chronicles to get though though I'll likely be starting anew as I'm somewhere in Chapter 7 (I think) and without any idea of how to play or what the storyline is.  So there's that.

I also enjoy how Joe mentioned that there may be a bit something-or-other for strip 200.  Doesn't this fool understand my writing process?  I can't just make a strip extra long or explosive (anyone?  Come on, someone giggled) just because it's willed.  Maybe I can.  My hope is to draw it in crayon and turn us into stick-figures.  Perhaps.