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Can You Dodge Bullet Points?


Let the record state that the above is entirely fictional.  I am not foolish enough nor do I believe myself ever to be foolish enough to tote around the garments of my wife.  

Moving along.  I have a strange desire to see Skyline.  I'm sure it's going to be terrible but it looks like, as Joe describes it, Independence Day with gigantic aliens and better special effects which alone makes me click "Purchase".  I've not read reviews nor do I want to as I have a strong feeling already of what their content will be.  Whether or not I manage to make it to said theater is another beast entirely.

Began FF XII again after my hiatus.  It's stellar, not that this should be surprising.  I find it funny how just a brief time away from a title can render your hands stupid and the menu completely foreign so I'm in that hazed in-between process of trying to remember what I was doing and what all of the buttons are capable of.  

Joe's completion of Battlestar Galactica save for the final film has me itching for some sci-fi so I fired up Babylon 5 to see if that would do anything for me having never watched it an, as with all things fifteen-plus years old, it's charming.  The effects are on not quite up to par with the Playstation 1 cut-scenes of yor but that just somehow makes me more...special.  Like you want to pinch the cheeks of the producers or something similar.  I've been informed that there is one continuous arc over the show's five season span and, if this is the case, I'm likely in for the ride as regardless of how poor a budget it may appear to have (or rather, I should say, by today's standards) as I just eat that sort of thing way up.  Also tried out Lexx which is now streaming in its entirety as well and that show is ridiculous.  I have yet to figure out if we're talking a bad or a good ridiculous but it appears to be a show that was a fan-film for something that then became a full-fledged project.  I don't know if any of you remember this or if I'm just speaking to myself, but back when the VCR was the go-to device for awesome, board games were made that came with a tape that you'd play as you, well, played and the players would "interact" with what was taking place on screen.  This show reminds me of what would have happened if one of those game-films was taken to feature length levels.  Like an accident, I am somehow compelled to watch.

Columns - not the game.


Over the past week it's occurred to me to write about seeing Scott Pilgrim for the second time, the new artist on Ultimate Spider-man, what's up with Daredevil in Shadowland, how much I enjoyed the entirety of Battlestar Galactica (though I still feel super-nerdy saying it. Thank you FedEx guy from Comic Town) and a variety of other comic and movie related topics that have come up.

But I didn't. Because generally I freestyle these comments with what feels most relevant at the moment. I hop on today and find out they're eyeing a female villain for the Dark Knight Rises? Bam. That's what I'm going to write about. 

But I've also been thinking about the purpose for this space. What's it REALLY for? Just so that Mr Blue and I can exchange movie reviews without actually interrupting each other? So that those of you who know us can see what's going on in our lives? A directors commentary on the comic?

Hard to say. But it got me thinking about what I'd like to use it for, and I think i'm going to start writing columns. Maybe something comic related 2 Wednesdays out of the month, and something movie related on the other two. SOMETHING like that. I haven't figured it out yet, but I'm aiming to have it figured out by the time the site gets updated.

Suggestions are welcome.