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Greetings, humans!  

Joe and the Ashley have gone to Orlando for the weekend visiting the Magic Kingdom while Amy and I have been left to rot in the frigid wilds of Ohio.  I meant to ask whether or not Joe would brave the full-body scanner or if he'd opt for a pat-down and some invasion into his personal space.  Mind you I'm more curious in a "a funny thing happened on the way to the plane" way than I am any type of political reasoning and was hoping a story would spring from the situation.  I understand that the supposed invasion of privacy/rights that would come with the situation above is something I'm supposed to be upset about but I honestly cannot muster the rage or even slight concern to pen a strongly worded letter to someone in charge.  Perhaps I'm simply Un-American?  Or perhaps I just need to have more fire and gusto?  I dunno.  I hear about people getting up-in-arms about this sort of thing and I feel as though I'm missing a key ingredient somewhere.  Unless the topic is People and ATM Machines, I'm going to have a hard time getting riled up.  

Anyhow:  enjoy your Friday.  Enjoy your weekend.  For those of you traveling to loved ones in the coming week be safe and avoid the creeping gloved hand of the Government.  Unless you want that hand up in your business.  Get it where you can.  Smoke if you got 'em.


Questions that need Answers


I think my rage may be used up. I know that being patted down at the airport may be some kind of invasion of privacy, or the full body scanner that I willingly stepped in to may have had some dude look at my 'form' - but really, who wants that? And if you're the type of amazingly attractive person that would look good enough in one of those things to excite the user, maybe you should just give that guy a bright spot in his day of looking at ugly people shapes all day long. I can understand why you wouldn't want to be frisked... that feels invasive, fortunately they designed a giant machine that you stand in for 10 seconds so that no one has to frisk you. Amazing!

I dunno - we get angry about so many things these days that I'm a bit indifferent to something designed to make it so people don't bring weapons on an airplane. Maybe I've got the wrong perspective on this one and I need someone to clarify. (it's happened before)

In other news there will be a delay on P3 today. Slight technical difficulties combined with my day job being insane after a couple days out of the office has led to the lettering not being completed yet. But I'm still planning on having it up by end of day today. Gotta keep the streak alive.

79 and Sunny in Orlando today. See you on Monday Columbus!