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Last week I went to a talk that discussed Wordpress as the future of content management systems.

The fact that I seem to be incapable of making that puppet dance means I'm clearly missing something....

I'll figure it out! I swear it!!!!! (drops to knees, yells up at the sky)




A few brief notes of (possible) interest for my peeps.  One:  still plugging through Final Fantasy XII.  I'm around the 25 hour mark (can I say, for the record, I really dislike games that tell you how long you've been playing - that's just depressing and unnecessary) and it continues to improve which is somewhat remarkable given how good the game is/was at the outset.  I'm distracting myself from the mail arc by going on various Hunts for the "special" monsters throughout the game as a) it's entertaining and challenging, and b) you get phat lewt for doing so.  Both good reasons, those.  I'm not sure how many ranks of these Hunts are, but I've finished off the Rank I and II tiers and am now 2 into III.  The game is so similar in a lot of ways to FF XI that I half-feel as though I'm playing an MMO.  XI remains my favorite MMO to date still - which is yet another reason why the vast pile of balls that is XIV hurts me so - which should suggest that playing through XII makes me smile quite a bit.  It helps that I enjoy the story/characters/world to boot.

Speaking of MMOs, the Shattering (or are they call it the Sundering?) in Warcraft took place last night with all of Azeroth now changed and jacked up.  I'm interested to see what the zones look like but I haven't had the time to give it a look.  It's amazing to me that the expansion has crept up on us so quickly as I feel I barely scratched the surface of Lich King.  I mean, I haven't even seen Arthas save for a cut-scene here and there.  I'm not much of a raider quickly losing patience for schedules and a calendar so I can't say I'm terribly surprised with my place in the (virtual) world, but still.  Perhaps if I ever hit 85 I'll go back and give him a look.  We'll see.

To my American brothers and sisters, enjoy your families and turkeys tomorrow.  Mine will likely be dry (you can place bets on which, should you like), but I've come to expect that.  Be safe, have fun, etc. etc.



I should have used a Dictionary or some sort of spell-checker.  Good Lord my grammar is terrible.