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You know what's great?  Saved by the Bell the College Years.  Actually, the entire Saved by the Bell catalog is respectable but The College Years is when the gang finally got to deal with some heavier issues.  

Alpha Protocol proves to be good thus far.  Mind you my scale so far is based on a five dollar purchase and I may feel different had I paid full price or anything...similar, but at the very least I'm enjoying myself.  It's funny:  the animations are terrible, the gameplay a little bland, the voice acting passable but I'm still having a good time.  I've gone with the stealth option and tried to emulate Bond, James Bond which the game isn't terribly keen on allowing.  The enemies have an amazing knack for discovering where you happen to be hiding at any point in time and their senses are just uncanny.  On the upside:  you can mow down a handful of troops and none of the others in the near vicinity are the wiser even with an alarm going off.  But it's still fun.  I'm only a few levels in so I'll report back soon with a (perhaps) changed opinion.

Tomorrow is the birthday.  The big 3-0.  I plan on playing video games.  Recapture the youth!  Be irresponsible!  The 30s are shaping up to be just like the 20s.  And the teens.  Most of my time away from the womb.