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Watched Scott Pilgrim again the other day and it totally holds up for the second viewing.  I was a little afraid it wouldn't given how stylized it is which could have (potentially) worn out it's welcome as things went on but it doesn't.  It can't, really.  Such an amazing film and definitely one of the better comic adaptations made period.

Also caught the Expendables finally.  It's...okay.  I think my main concern is that it walks the line between cheesy and typical action film and I was hoping for more of an all-out flick that knew precisely what it is/was.  Honestly, I have a strong feeling they did but just weren't able to pull it off in the end.  Still a dumb amount of fun but not quite what I was looking for or hoping for.  It wasn't quite aware enough, if that makes sense.

Wrapped up Alpha Protocol the other day and enjoyed every second of it.  Honestly, this is one of those few times where I'm glad I didn't listen to anyone (or, rather, wans't influenced by them) because the experience was great.  I cannot wait to dip back in and see what missions are available playing a different style and how the ending plays out based on that.  From what I've heard/read, many things are quite different and I'll be experiencing a good deal of new content.  I will say that my only personal complaint, if this counts, is that as the game went on and I leveled up more, Alpha got unnecessarily easy.  The character I was playing went the Spy route so I could go for stretches at a time completely invisible just killing dudes left and right without even having to fire a shot and being in zero danger of getting caught.  So while awesome, it also sucked any suspension out.  Couple that with some perks that allowed me to see where every baddie was at any given time and you have a pretty lax spying experience.  Certainly not terrible, just something to note.

Started up play-though 2 of Dead Space the other day and already on Chapter 6, almost 7.  My hope is to just Platinum the games that I love and that deserve the extra time (I believe I've said as much here before) and I have just a handful to go but I will need a third to polish everything off.  The only trophies I'm actually missing is defeating the game on the hardest difficulty, maxing out all of the weapons/items (just three guns to go though I don't know if I'll nab that this time around or not), and defeating one of the bosses with 50% shields remaining or something.  I can't remember.  I did get the Don't Get Cocky Kid trophy last night which made me happy if just for the name alone.  

In-between Dead Space playing, I grabbed Just Cause 2 for five bucks and it's a great palate cleanser.  I can't play for an extended period of time as it could, potentially, get a little stale for a lengthy play-session.  Not that you would think blowing up...stuff could get a little same-like, but the option is there.

And finally, Golden Sun: Dark Dawn on the DS.  It's not bad.  It's not great.  It too feels a little easy (maybe I'm just that good...yeah...) but the art style and visuals are wonderful.  It does tend to ramble in places where, say, the cut-scene would be which can be a little cumbersome if they happen back-to-back and you're just slogging through dialog after dialog but ultimately, I'm enjoying myself which is, at the end of the day, the point.  Also, it's clear that the developers love the world Golden Sun takes place in and the lore there but it is heavy.  Not quite J.R.R. History of the Elves heavy, but near enough to where they have an encyclopedia of all of the terminology and I'm still lost and forgetting names quickly.  

Odd place to leave you but that's all I have.  Peace out fools!

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I just wanted to bring your attention to the new and totally slick wallpaper available for your viewing pleasure. Nice work Mr Blue!