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A few things:

Amy and I caught the King's Speech thanks to a) Colin Firth and b) Joe and Ashley's recommendation.  It was wonderful and absolutely without error.  Such a superb superb superb piece of film that we cannot recommend enough.

In DC Universe, hit 30 (the cap) over the weekend so I've begun my quest to understand end-game content.  It doesn't stray too far from the typical formula where you do daily quests to obtain marks to then obtain gear.  Daily quests have you revisiting older solo content ramped up to 30 which makes the content a little more interesting.  While leveling, you might be a little ahead of the curve pounding through some of the solo instances yet here, you're on par with everything you'll be facing so you need to understand your role a little better and how your character works.  I have somewhere in the ballpark of 15 different powers I can use yet you can only have 6 active at a time (plus whatever trinket you might be wearing as well making then 7) which adds a really interesting strategy to the mix.  Ran an instance with another dual guns/gadgets character like myself and our approach was quite different.  The loadout (your chosen 6 powers) can be changed on the fly while not in combat, but I feel safe with the set-up I have going and am understanding my style better now which is really what those daily quests are all about.  That and gear.

You can also run Duos which again will take you back to a handful of Alerts as well as introduce a handful of others set in familiar environments, these being done with just one partner as the name would suggest.  Makes grouping quite easy, they're done in *maybe* twenty minutes unless you get hosed a lot and pretty fast as a great jump-in, jump-out option.

And finally, Hard Mode of all the previous Alerts which I haven't yet tackled.  Waiting on a little better gear so I'm focusing on daily quests for now (one you have to run around Gotham and complete five acts of villainy which, frankly, is awesome) and Duos. 

Beyond these, you have your Raids which is 8-man content and the top of the heap (Alerts being 4-man).  They suggest having Tier 1 gear before even doing the first with Tier 1 being what I'm questing after currently in collecting the Marks of Triumph to turn in to Harley to get decked out.  So I'll eventually get there, if not soon(ish).  

I'm curious to see what else they add to keep focus.  The above is all well and good but I'm wondering if a few other elements might not help flesh out the experience.  I'm no-where near capped in any way yet, just thinking about the future.  I enjoy the different Professions WoW has and how the crafting system there works and I'd like to see something similar in DC to help alleviate potential dungeon/questing tedium.  It certainly doesn't HAVE to be that, just something.  You can do races, collect artifacts and explore the city - all worthy distractions - but just a handful of others and you'd be golden I think.  Sony just added the Smallville Alert which I'm anxious to check out as well.  

I need Joe to break down and buy it so that I have a dedicated Duos partner.  Here's hoping he hasn't built up too much of an immune system to me over the years.