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Final Fantasy X has been defeated.  Can I get a "What?  What?"  Isn't that what the kids are saying these days?  After trying four or five times to drop Braska's Final Aeon (read: the boss) on my own, I finally realized that I was a wee bit underpowered and could use a bit of a buffer.  Typically, I don't go for finding all of the "hidden" stuff in most JRPGs given that they're long enough as it is without me running around trying to find the MDK Weapon of Pain for each of the characters jumping through ridiculous hoops that do so.  Having said that, I didn't grab any of Tidus, Auron, or Yuna's (my final "party" for the fight) weapons but rather I tracked down the three hidden Aeons missing from Yuna's summoning book and that did the trick quite well.  Honestly, the final Aeon, The Magus Sisters (whom, if memory serves, are initially from Final Fantasy IV...because I'm pretty sure I've killed them before) took out the boss' first form all on their own.  Putting FFX to rest made for a great weekend and the ending made the Special Edition of Return of the King look short by comparison.  Jeez.

I've been reading the first few books out of The Dresden Files and they're doing a pretty good job of filling the popcorn vibe I've been needing as of late.  My brother has been pushing Repairman Jack on me for a while now and I may hop over to those when I finish Fool Moon (second in the Dresden series) though I'm concerned they may be a little similar and I don't want to get bogged down in too much of the same.  I've read the Song of Fire and Ice series - and, for the love, Martin, stop blogging and finish the fifth book already - along with most every other fantasy book out there (or, rather, most every popular fantasy book out there) but I'm wondering if there might be something I've missed over the years.  Any recommendations?  It doesn't have to be Sci-Fi/Fantasy by any means, I love me some Forster and Dickins, but that's just what's on my mind today.  I will say I've read some of Terry Goodkind's stuff and he makes me want to headbutt his publishers for even allowing him to be printed.  I've had my eye on Monster Island so that may end up in my "now reading" pile depending on how well the library or used book store treats me.