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Oh, The Horror


I've written this post a few times trying to explain why I love Dead Space 2.  I wrapped it up over the weekend and have already started the second play-through and I plan on jumping back in as soon as this is done.  What's giving me so much trouble is discussing everything that I want to give credit to and I honestly don't have time for that I've found.  Every time I focus on a certain aspect I just start rambling and sounding like a drunk with a laptop which I *also* don't have time for.  So I'm going to be brief and, possibly, boring.  Here we go:

Loved the story.  Playing a character you couldn't fully trust was a unique experience and following Isaac on his downward spiral of dementia helped push the story beyond "Event Horizon 2".  It ruled.  The set was better, they brought back some old pieces that were just brilliantly done, and the entire experience reeked of polish.

Set-design is brilliant.  The Sprawl is so incredibly different from the Ishimura that is completely changed the feel of the game.  One reviewer compared the difference in experience between titles like Alien to Aliens and that's pretty accurate.  There's much more at stake here, the action is bigger without forget the horror in the "survival horror", the clock seems shorter and more desperate.  Just a wonderful fleshing out all around.

I can't recall the name of the new Necro-type, but there's one that hunt in packs.  They're brilliant.  The AI on these things is just ridiculous and I felt like I was trapped in a raptor pen.  In fact:  one of the trophies for the game is "Clever Girl".  Awesome.  Hearing them call to one another and give off different positions and seeing them try and flank you was genuinely chilling and superbly done.

My PS3 copy came with Extraction which was previously only available for the Wii.  I look forward to getting into it.  I already want DLC, how sad is that?

Also, there's a Zealot mode.  The game consists of 15 chapters.  In this mode, you can only save 3 times.  Total.  There are also no checkpoints.  Every time you die, you go back to your previous save.  And ammo is scarce.  I haven't decided if I'm brave enough or if my blood pressure is in-check enough to even attempt this.  We'll see.

And finally, moving on from Isaac's latest adventure, I picked up Bioshock 2 on the cheap.  Bioshock (along with Dead Space 1) is in my top five of this gen and I look forward to finally getting back to Rapture.  I've read the reviews but most of the complaints I've seen don't seem to be things that I concern myself with.  So I cannot wait.

Have a good week folks.  Sorry for the lack of posts on my end this past week.  I caught some sort of plague that attacked me like the mighty Mississippi.


Fear Factor


Recently, I picked up a pretty basic surround sound system for my tv and I love it. Everything from bullet hits behind me in action movies, isolated violins in musicals, and applause behind me when I'm watching an awards show just adds to the 'entertainment experience.' (not to mention phat subwoofered bass line beats.)

Unrelated, Blue has been trying to get me to play Dead Space for a while now,

But now I hear that there are creepy dead things that call to each other... and I'm 100% sure that through my system they'll be calling to each other behind me. I'm actually intimidated to play the game. Sounds really exciting, but in the meantime my pansy-self has to go finish Lego Harry Potter.