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Boy has it been a while!  I apologize that my posting habits have been sporadic (though I suppose that would suggest even a bit of consistancy) but life just caught up with me.  Honestly, most of "life" was my own doing which is both good and bad as it's been keeping me out of trouble but, subsequently, away from all of you.  I hope you haven't missed me.  At least the strip hasn't suffered?  Unless you now hate it which in that case:  I'm not talking to you anyhow.

Few things to discuss.  I'm working on a book that's a series of short stories.  I may have mentioned this previously but I am now four stories in and continuing along.  About a quarter of the way through perhaps?  And when I say that I'm four in, that should not suggest completion but rather a first draft.  Knowing myself well enough they'd have to pry the pages from my cold, dead hands before I'd ever be "done" but it's a start.  So that's one reason for my absense.

Another is beyond abroad.  I know Joe mentioned it but the Amy and I traveled to Paris and then London.  I won't bore you with all of the slide-show stuff, but it was wonderful.  I haven't eaten that much cheese in a really long time (if ever) but it was worth it.  We brought some home with us but upon hitting Atlanta on our journey back, we realized we should not be keeping it in our suitcase and promptly pitched it.  My clothes smelled of muenster.

Marvel vs. Capcom 3 is ot.  It's incredible.  I'm awful at it which seems to be the case these days but that doesn't deter from the polish.  

That would be the third reason now for said absense.

Enjoy your weekend.  Be good.