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A new Arc...


I just wanted to drop a note to say that the upcoming arc, in my humble opinion, is the type of thing that ONLY P3 can deliver. Enjoy.



I hope all of you are enjoying the daylight and the savings.  It's like a coupon for time. 

Have you heard the great news about Netflix and it's coming dawn on the PS3?  I watch far too much 30 Rock on my computer as it is (and Phantasm, we can't forget Phantasm) and I'm concerned that being able to watch streaming on my television is going to be the second coming of Warcraft in my life.  I finally got clean and off the sauce after four plus years of gripping addiction and, well, it may very well happen again.  At least now I won't have to follow raid icons and hug the wall.  I'm aware that many of you already have this ability on your 360s and even routed through your PCs.  I ditched LIVE a while back after hating almost everyone I met online - which is oddly similar to how my day to day life turns out - and I only have the fabled and mysterious Mac in my home which doesn't seem to care for streaming. So soon, my brother and sisters.  Soon.

Also, I'm very proud of Joe's promotional skills.  My only concern now is that I will underdeliver.  And, hard as it may seem, with Pirates, it's still possible to underdeliver.  I realize Halloween has come and gone but that's okay.  We'll just assume this has something to do with monthlight savings time.  Which isn't a real thing.