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Coming Home


I was watching Pitch Black the other day (still love that flick, Chronicles of Riddick...not so much) and there was a trailer for the Riddick cartoon that came out a few years back and the announcer called it "a startling vision of the future".  I'm pretty sure that at this point, no vision or thought or remote inkling about our future is going to startle us.  After Alien, Blade Runner, The Matrix, heck, even 2001, I'm pretty sure all bases will be or have been covered long ago and I am no longer able to be amazed by what someone came up with.  At least Al Gore's future is original.

Anyhow, I wanted to tickle your fancy very quickly on the subject of genre.  As you may remember me saying, I've been on an RPG kick lately having grazed on many a Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest, even a few more off the beaten path like Persona and the new Nostalgia.  With Dragon Age hitting I'm liable to go into overload.  Good thing I'll be waiting until the holidays to pick that one up.  After seeing video for the new Ratchet and Clank game I decided it was time to do right by myself and the series and play through those games proper.  The only R&T title I've actually ever beaten is Tools of Destruction which is sad in hindesight.  I remember playing the original when it came out only to get stuck at some point for some reason never to return.  Seeing as how I can pick up the first four for under forty bucks, I may has well go through the bunch and then grab the newest.  I'm around half-way through the first now and I am reminded of why I love platformers.  While there is a large part of my heart that will forever adore the RPG and the (mostly) awful storylines they inhabit, I was raised on the platformer and I had forgotten, somehow, just how much I love the genre.  Putting Super Mario Galaxy aside for a moment, Ratchet and Clank really is the pinnacle of the medium in my mind and the series only appears to get better if Tools of Destruction is any indication.  I admit to loving Uncharted and I anxiously await my birthday in December to play Uncharted 2 but thus far, Tools is my favorite PS3 gaming experience thus far and that includes Batman.  Do with that what you will.


The Best is Yet to Come


Today I come to the table with a little more free time than before, and a renewed sense of purpose. We've finally reached the number of strips (or are about to) that qualifies us to advertise on Project Wonderful. What is PW you might ask? It's a system set up for advertising like minded websites on the internet, and it's quite popular with the webcomic crowd.

There are a couple things to do first: I need to clean up the code for my 'automatic postings' (so that strips post when i'm not around) and put together the archives so that newcomers can catch up on this madness.

Within the next couple weeks there'll be some changes 'round these here parts. If anyone's got any suggestions, now's the time!