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Random thought of the day:  Dan In Real Life is a great flick.  Typically I don't care too much for Steve Carell but I love him in both Dan and Little Miss Sunshine.  That tends to be how I skew with comedians a lot of the time.  I absolutely want to stuff Will Ferrell into a tiny trash can, seal it, and bury it far out to sea but Stranger Than Fiction is fantastic.  Jim Carrey is great in The Truman Show and Man on the Moon.  Joe will claim that he's equally great in Eternal Sunshine, and he is, but I just can't get past the movie itself so I'm biased there.  Anyhow:  Dan rules and the soundtrack does too.

Not entirely random but a brief fun fact:  Joe is clutch in his Cranium depiction of fetilizer.  I just realized that may or may not count as double entendre. 

Anyhow, new story arc begins today.  I hope you find it both funky and fresh.  If it isn't already painfully apparent:  I worked at Starbucks for quite a while.  Joe too, but I endured it far longer.  And I was his boss.  Like now.