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If I hear "Oh, Snap.  Guess what I saw?" any more I'm going to stab someone.  And if Best Buy doesn't stop with the Carolers I'm going to stab someone else. 

I hope you enjoy today's offering.  As a fan of Aliens, you right well should.  An interesting "behind the scenes" bit for you:  the Starducks cups originally had the tails built-in when my wife suggested attaching them to the sleeve instead which I found quite brilliant.  So there you have it

Did you realize Bioshock 2 comes out January 4th?  At least I believe it does, perhaps that time table has shifted a bit.  While I appreciate they're skipping the Christmas rush, one week doesn't give me enough time to push through everything I'm sure to acquire on the 25th let alone even focus on the games I have sitting in my backlog.  I just wrapped up Star Ocean First Departure which was enjoyable if not a little bland.  I'm this close to being done with the first GTA IV expansion The Lost and Damned and it's great.  I became stuck shortly after starting it on a mission that was full of pain and wailing and teeth gnashing here and there so I set it aside for a while and just came back after getting the itch to revisit Liberty City.  Some folks I know and trust tell me the second expansion, The Ballad of Gay Tony, is reminiscent of Vice City which is one of my favorite gaming experiences to date.  The music alone is worth the price of entry and if Gay Tony is even a fifth of that it'll be money well spent.  What else?  I still need to finish Persona 3 and Valkyria Chronicles and I'm roughly half-way through Silent Hill: Origins on the PSP which rules on all levels.  My hope is to be done with the GTA expansion, Silent Hill, and my re-playing of Bioshock before Christmas hits and if Valkyria is done as well (not remotely likely) all the better.  I would also like to play Mass Effect again prior to 2 hitting but we'll see how that goes. 

That was much longer than I intended it to be and I'm not re-reading it to check for spelling mistakes.  See you fine people on Friday.