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Two weeks until the big day.  The rumble in the jungle.  The...something under the tree.  I dunno.

I really want to see this new Disney movie if only to support their return to traditional animation.  Well, that's not the only reason, I'm a sucker for cartoons in general and musicals (yeah, I'm that guy), but it certainly helps.  While I don't flat-out dislike CGI in any way, I do bemoan the fact that animation has nearly gone extinct over the years and everyone appears to focus solely on the former.  The only thing that really irritates me as of late is the sudden 3D craze.  Maybe I missed it and it didn't creep up nearly as fast as I think it did but it's almost as if every children's flick has a 3D attachment now and it's less...great.  I've heard A Nightmare Before Christmas in 3D is great but the only 3D film I've seen since the Muppets did it in the 80s is My Bloody Valentine and, while I don't want to completely assume, it's definitely better than anything rated PG.  

I'm cooking up some shirt designs that I will (hopefully) have sneaks of next week.  Maybe the week after.  The first batch are actually going to be based around this storyline so I don't want to tip my hand too early and do some of that fancy foreshadowing business.  No one likes an Oracle.  Unless she gives you candy.  What I do hope to have for you all next week is a round of wallpapers for your PC and Apple's of choice should those strike you.  Keep in mind I'm not quite sure where Joe is going to put those, but I'm sure he'll figure out something.  He's quite clever. 

Enjoy your weekend.  I plan on playing board games.  You should too.

I Don't Own a Dog - but I wish I did.


Nightmare before Christmas in 3D is great, because it feels like you can watch the characters (statues? figures?) actually walking around in the space.

I'm torn about 3D movie making. On one hand, it's a gimmick. A big funky gimmick that makes my movie ticket cost a little bit more and makes me watch the movie with giant glasses over my pre-existing glasses. On the other hand, if you take 3D and put it in the hands of craftsmen like the good people at Pixar, or even Zemeckis, there can be something really alluring about it. It extends the viewable field of the film in, not just out.

This is just a roundabout way of my saying that Avatar had its world premiere last night, and the trade magazines sure were excited about it. We'll see how it does critically once it opens up to the cynics, but so far people's minds have been pretty blown.

As for 'where Joe will find the space for downloads' - well - for one I built that nifty ad bar over there to the right, and for two - i'm in the process of overhauling the site for just such types of expansion. I've been saying for a few weeks that it's time to open up our readership, but I want to make sure they're coming to a site that works the way I want it to first.

Enjoy your weekend everybody!