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It dawned on me the other day that I have yet to really write anything in this space about the strip itself.  Not the strip as a whole, that would be a good deal of reading and none of it would be all that interesting, but rather the strip that is featured just above this box here.  That is to say:  the daily one.  A lot of what I do I find to be pretty self-explanatory especially given there's an arc to most of these which leaves little room or need for extra fluff and the one-shots can be just left field enough that I either a) don't want to explain them or b) would slap you and send you on your way if you didn't get it.  If we're to be friends and amongst one another, you should get where I'm coming from.  Maybe that's just me.

Despite the above introduction, I still think it's necessary to delve some into how ideas actually come about.  When I first started working for Starbucks all those years ago, one of my co-workers was a fantastic guy named Jeremiah who shared an equally dry sense of humor that struck the proper notes with me.  He was somewhat short of stature (not terribly so) and often whenever a customer would order a "Tall" something-or-other, Jeremiah would hop up on the counter and just stare them down.  Not in a challenging sort of way like a Gladiator might or how I picture my father-in-law stares down the barrel of a gun eyeing his prey instead staring them down in an attempt to break their cold heart and get them to walk out with him as their Tall something-or-other.  It makes better sense in practice I'm sure or at the very least falls under the "you had to be there" line of comedy.  Perhaps not.  Anyhow, Jeremiah either asked myself or a customer one evening "How you livin' Venti Talls" which I thought was brilliant and one of those clever references that should be etched some way for all to see, weep before, and appreciate.  That phrase and the idea for today's strip has been sitting in a dusty brain file for the better part of six years waiting to be used and for whatever reason this seemed like the best time to bring that out.  I enjoy the fact that Ahab's is a good way for me to push through some lingering Starbucks therapy that may need worked through, the kind all retail veterans have.  Not being a people-person, I have enough material to make the entire strip dedicated to the coffee shop if the fancy would ever strike me though I much prefer the story to revolve around better things.  Like fisticuffs.  And rap battles. 

Hopefully you find this nugget interesting.  And by the time many of you are reading this, Joe and I will be sitting in a theater with Avatar.  Impressions Wednesday though I'm sure many of you have already beaten us to the punch.