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This is 100% off topic, but Amy and I are heading out of town in a week or so and are heavily debating putting our dog in a posh hotel because we can't stand the idea of him missing us while we're gone and/or being ill treated. Not that I think Jenkins (my boy) wouldn't be taken care of, mind you, I just want him to get a scratch behind the ears before bed and tucked in at night. And he'd have a few play dates with the other dogs there. I just can't help but think there's a cheaper way to go out of town.

Anyhow, as an update: Rachel Getting Married remained terrible throughout and Amy and I ended up switching it off before the credits. We just couldn't do it any more, and this is coming from a guy who pays to see movies rated a 0% on Rotten Tomatoes. That alone should act as a good enough gauge for you to understand my displeasure.

At the end of it all, were there a movie that actually cataloged my life, I have a strong feeling I'd end up like Albert Brooks in Defending Your Life. Maybe The Lost Boys. Hopefully The Lost Boys. Though I suppose I'm already too old to fall into the crowd with puffy 80s mullet hair riding dirt bikes at night crowd. I'd be a downer of a vampire.

The D.R.D.


I know it's been said, but it bears repeating. Batman: Arkham Asylum is really the ultimate 'being batman' experience. As of this writing I'm 32% of the way through and I'm having a blast.

It's hard to find a single thing that makes it so much fun, I think it's that it feels SO complete. Stalking through the shadows, using the gadgets, doing detective work, or even just fighting 10 guys at once - the control system is so intuitive you just feel like Batman. I'm loving it.