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It's go time!


Ashley, as many of you know, is a teacher.

I, as many of you know, am a movie fan.

As a result, each year for christmas we get a solid number of Gift Cards to the local cinema. Coincedentally, this lines up perfectly with the time of the year that studios throw out a billion different types of movies to grab your holiday cash.

5 years ago, ashley and I started MovieFest. Each year during one day of her vacation, she and I take our gift cards and go to the movies. We spend the whole day there and see 3 films. (Thankfully, local theaters offer refills on their popcorn...)

Today we'll be seeing Nine, It's Complicated, and Up in the Air. Combine that with the past week's viewing of Avatar, Invictus, and Sherlock Holmes and Friday's post should have some pretty hefty movie criticism in it.

See you at the show.