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Pop Quiz Hotshot


Can any of our fearless readers recognize the shop that Mr Blue has just stepped in to?

Fantastic ideas for a fantastic world.

Road Trip


Joe is too kind.  Far too kind.  New arc starts today, hope you enjoy it.  If I may be allowed, you could even call it HAIRraising.  Ahem.

I will be leaving you in Joe's capable hands for the next few postings.  Amy and I will be out of town and Joe's the best we have.  Treat him well in my absence.

Finished Brutal Legned.  While the final boss was a complete push-over, the final stage battle leading up to him was a bit more difficult but still great fun.  One of the few times in the game I've felt a little panicked which was, strangely, a good change of pace.  Highly, highly recommend this game.  I want to start messing with Assassin's Creed 2 but I'm going to be out of town until Thursday and don't want to play the first hour or whatever only to leave.  So instead, I've fired up Chrono Trigger for the DS.  Believe it or not, I've never actually beaten this despite starting it some half-dozen times.  It's not for sake of disliking it, far from it, but I always make it to the beginning of the future portion (so a few hours in) and then the emulator either poops out on me or I get distracted.  Can't wait to actually cross this off of my list after however long.

See you Friday.  Be kind to your local Joe.