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A Few Tidbits


So I finally finished Chrono Trigger.  I looked at my play time and I made it to the final boss in about 13 hours give or take and promptly got drop-kicked which caused me to seek out both some levels and better equipment (insert (...) joke here).  The DS has a whole new set of side-missions added on known as Lost Sanctum or something to that effect so I went off to do those and found myself 12 hours further into the game but with some decidedly better items with which to combat Lavos and save the world and time.  I just find it somewhat funny that my "grinding" at the end of the game consisted of nearly the same amount of time it took me to get through the story.  Still, it's a tribute to the game that a) it was still great despite this and b) still great after all these years.  I may need to hunt down Chrono Cross now just to both have it and get more Chrono stuff.

Anyhow: Mass Effect 2.  I'm not sure what to say about this game that most of you don't already know or that hasn't been said before so I'll keep my lovin' short here.  Importing my character from ME1 was great and seeing my actions play over into the second game and even little touches within the Captain's Quarters based on things I had done needs to happen in more games especially in the role playing genre.  Too often RPGs are just lengthy stories where you don't so much role-play as take control of a character in the same manner you would, say, Mario and I'm pretty sure that Mario wouldn't be considered an RPG character despite the very excellent Seven Stars and even the Mario and Luigi games.  You understand where I'm going with this.  Mass Effect 2, however, actually makes your actions and decisions meaningful and while I'm not terribly far in I cannot wait to see how things I did in the first and then this carry into the final third and watch that whole story arc get put together.  After this play-through I'm going go back to the first and play Renegade through both (as I'm Paragon now) and I cannot wait to do so.

My only real complaint(s) with the game come with the side-missions and scanning planets.  I understand few people enjoyed the Mako portions of the first and will admit that while the planets you could "explore" held very little life or luster to them, the point was you could still explore a planet.  Now, you're reduced to scanning them from space and sending orbits down when the radar starts to spike and, on occasion, you'll find a little colony to land near.  That's it.  For me, it's a step back when most every other part of the game is a step forward.  Also, the "mission cleared" bit blows and break immersion but whatever.  That's just me being a nerd and possibly not a legitimate complaint.  I dig that they added ammo as opposed to having your weapon overheat, I like the customization of your armor and weapons via blueprints, the writing is great, and thus far the missions that are there have been wonderful.  The graphics are even far and above the first and I thought the graphics of the first were stellar.  It just feels more sci-fi if that makes sense.  The story is also darker which suits my disposition (not saying I'm dark, I just enjoy it when those stories are told well).  Also, the game feels more combat heavy than the first but that could just be me misremembering the first as it's been a bit since I played through it.

If you own a 360 or a decent computer and have played the first, buy this.  If you haven't played the first, buy that and then play this.  In that order.