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What to say, what to say?

I wrapped up my Paragon play through of Mass Effect 2 and I enjoyed every minute of it.  My only real complaint is the story seemed a little light in plot with more time being focused on what seemed like side-missions that were main story missions than pushing forward much of the game's point.  I realize that was the story, but still.  A minor complaint.  I still enjoyed what was there certainly, I just would have liked something more "epic".  Often times the second film/story is a little less so than the first or even the third and I'm sure Bioware is gearing up for something huge in the finale (and I was terribly spoiled with ME1 so 2 may have been hosed in that department from the outset), I just don't want to wait for it.  I wants my precious now.

After I clear out much of my backlog - which I don't see as happening but if I talk about it perhaps I'll warm to the idea - I plan on playing through ME1 and 2 straight and going Renegade and see how that all works out and changes the game.  I look forward to what that will bring.  In the meantime, I finished Heavenly Sword on the PS3 which was enjoyable.  Not great, not bad.  It's still sitting somewhere between 30 and 40 bucks most places and I wouldn't recommend paying that for it at all but I managed to nab it for 10 and it's totally worth it for that price.  The voice acting is actually really good as is the writing which is very peculiar and it has a bit of a kung-fu movie flair to it.  So enjoyable but forgettable. 

I've now moved on to Final Fantasy VIII.  The quest to beat every numbered FF proper now continues.  It's strange this far into my gaming "career" and I'm just now getting around to playing through these proper.  I always start them but get housed and walk away and now having managed to unlock the secret to the JRPG (read:  grind), I do far better now.  The graphics are balls on the big screen and I love looking at a game that astounded me ten years ago and it makes me anxious (somewhat) for another ten years to pass and me to look back on, say, Gears of War 2, God of War 3, etc. which I'm just amazed by graphically and knowing that leap will likely come again.  Here's hoping.  Anyhow, in FF, I just got through Timber, about six hours in, and I'm enjoying it.  The magic system and drawing everything still feels awkward on my tongue but I'm warming to it.  It's nice not needing to pop ethers, I suppose, and I already have more spells than I know what to do with. 

That's all for now.  Sorry for the boring gaming talk for those who are uninterested.  And quickly:  Blizzard finally showed the death of Arthas - those of you still playing WoW know this already, I'm now five months "clean" and out of the loop - and it's great.  Strange seeing a character I've followed for 8 years finally finish his story.  Strange and great.  And quickly part two:  Amy and I just discovered Battlestar Galactica thanks to the public library and have finished season one and are in possession of Season 2.  Holy crap.  The only bad thing is the use of the word "frak".  That needs to die.

Peace out suckas.