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I think Ghost Hunters is an excellent show.  It may not be good, but there are times when I'm genuinely creeped out and that's all you can really ask for with a show like that.  When Amy and I ditched cable in favor of Netflix many months ago I lost the ability to watch said Hunters every Wednesday night and this is something I'm still recovering from.  Rarely do I latch onto a television show or watch it on a weekly basis choosing instead to wait until it hits DVD so I can just plow through it and not bother with all of that "waiting" or "commercial" nonesense.  Thankfully, our local library has the above haunting product and I'm able to get what fix I can without my cable.

I'm not sure where I'm going with this.  Amy and I are one disc away from wrapping up Battlestar Season 2(.5) and per Joe's recommendation have begun chipping away at Big Love which is equally excellent though for different reasons.  Perhaps it was to lament the fact that the library was out of the next discs we needed to continue in our ventures?  Perhaps.  I know I can just put a request into good-ol' Netflix to get the next disc but that just seems somehow...barbaric when there are movies to be added instead.  And most of what I'd like to watch isn't streaming which is also a shame but one could say it's my fault for having good taste?  Perhaps too.

Just another manic Monday.  Wolfman opinions coming Wednesday.