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Joe and I (along with my brother Mike) had a game day yesterday and busted out Mike's copy of Deadlands:  The Battle for Blood Gulch.  At least I think that was the name.  Anyhow, it was all of our first real time through and it took well over an hour for the three of us to get settled into the rules given how dense they are.  While we're all used to fairly "complicated" games with thick rule sets, Deadlands is only large learning curve is in trying to wade through the rules themselves which are not user friendly in any way.  Once we got into the meat of the game we seemed to have a pretty good time and the world there is interesting enough to lend itself to some unique playstyles.  I controlled the Ranger faction which seem to be the "warrior" class of the game which led me to abandon any great plan I may have had and just go in with my rifle blazing which, not too surprishingly, seemed to work.  Mike played a Shaman faction which came across as gimped to me though that could have been our lack of understanding with the game itself.  I shot him a ridiculous number of times and didn't feel any worse for it.  Joe took the Hux-something faction which were an interesting gambling/mystic hybrid - I think I'm remembering that right - which actually seemed interesting as a hybrid faction.  He kept jacking with my mind forcing some of my Rangers to attack villagers only to end up shot as a result which reminded me of my WoW days where some of the classes in PvP could just tie you up to the point of frustration.  He was playing his faction completely right and I would have done the same with the tools there, I would have liked some better escape options than what I'd been given, though.

Interesting game and I'm looking forward to taking it for a second spin now that we have the basics down and things might go a bit more quickly and we can delve into our factions further.  We also jumped into some Last Night on Earth with a Zombie victory coming yet again as the Heroes turned on one another, were eaten, and went down in a blazing scream of glory.  It's an incredibly fun game but in all of the games Joe, I, and then the three of us have played the Heroes have yet to win.  I've gone over the rules a handful of times to see if there's something I'm doing wrong or misreading that's tipping the scales so far into the Zombie Horde favor (and I'll admit that in an apocalypic situation the deck should certainly be stacked against the good guys, but still).  I feel as though if the time limit were removed or extended further they would have a better chance at victory and we might try that next time as the sense of urgency forces them, at times, to plow into some terrible situations.  Maybe that's the point, who knows?  Still, great game.

And finally, Mike loaned me Darksiders for the PS3 so I look forward to tearing into that.  The Playstation Network appears to be having some serious issues (as of this writing) making it impossible for me to play, which blows, so impressions will have to wait until Wednesday.  I love the trophy system - along with achievements - but I hate the fact that since it's tied so heavily to the online experience, I can't even play the game when the PSN is down and that's just garbage.  If the NES is more user friendly in some areas and that was over 20 years ago, there's some issue with that that should be addressed and it does worry me that the games I've purchased from the PSN will be unavailable should anything like this happen for the long term.  I heard stories of Kindle users not getting access to books they purchased due to copyright problems which sucks and I'm fearful of the same potentially cropping up with consoles this gen.  I'm not pro-copyright infringement by any means, but it does suck that when Amazon drops the ball you're without a product you purchased and tonight, if I want to play some Marvel vs. Capcom 2, I can't and that sucks.  I'll stop here as I'm well past ranting.  I just want to play Darksiders!

Blue out suckas!