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Uno, Dos, Three


Green is the new Brown.  Happy St. Patrick's Day to those of you who drink.  I will be celebrating with a Dr. Pepper, if anything.  Likely nothing.  Anyhow:

I think it's safe to say at this point that I like Final Fantasy XIII more than I did Mass Effect 2.  What's that you say?  Blasphemy?  Perhaps.  I understand that I'm comparing a whole narrative to a middle one, though I would then argue back that Empire is my favorite of the Star Wars and that's a middle narrative (and no, not a fifth entry).  The story in ME2 is quite good when you add the first into the overall structure, which you must, but the gameplay in XIII has engrossed me completely.  The battle system is all kinds of genius and stands as the highlight of the game, if not a highlight of the genre itself.  I'm settling into Chapter 10 as of this writing and I cannot wait to hop back on and play for many more hours.  But why compare the two, you might say?  It could be that they're easy targets both being of the RPG ilk though, like great religions, separated by Eastern and Western philosophies.  It could also be that just last month I was giving due praise to ME2 which it rightfully, and still, deserves.  Who's to say?  The point being: XIII is amazing and if you can make it past the initial chapters that really are unnecessarily slow, you are in for many scoops of love.  Yes, love.

Amy and I watched Moon the other night and I think we came away indifferent.  It was good Sci-Fi as so few things are which was refreshing, but I found myself restless throughout the film which is never a good sign.  The plot is interesting if not a little muddied (maybe vague?), though I will admit this could easily be due to said restlessness.  The Amy was also ndifferent though more angry about her experience than I was.  I hear Ashley too cared little for it with Joe being the sole survivor, so take that for what you will.  I count it as little.

That's a lie.  Joe and i generally see eye-to-eye where film is concerned joining in our love of things most critics lampoon, though when we disagree we disagree.  In italics.  This may be one of those instances althought I'm not so hateful to the film as to want to devour it just so I can flush it out of my system and into an awaiting toilet bowl.  Enjoy that visual.  No, those experiences are reserved for the foulest of the foul.  The Eternal Sunshines.  For reals.

Also, I would recommend Triangle.  It's streaming now if you're of the Netflix Clan and reminds me, oddly, of Silent Hill - the game - though less foggy, with some time traveling scoops thrown in.  Joe informed me that one reviewer compared it to Back to the Future 2 which is only true in the sense that Doc Hollywood is also like BTTF2 in that it's not.  Had Triangle referenced Jaws 23 or whatever the number ended up being (19?  Maybe?), then we'd have something to go on, but it didn't.  The film isn't horror though I think it's listed as such, it's more suspense with nothing horrific really thrown in.  Still, a good time-jack plot and enjoyable.

And finally:  New arc.  New wallpaper.  Enjoy!  Enjoy!

Two Thumbs


The funny thing is, he's not wrong.

Mr Blue and I have been watching movies together for as long as we've been friends. The fact that we're now entering into the second decade of that adventure is a little jarring to my train of thought - but I'll endeavor to keep it on the tracks for a little while longer.

Over the years we've seen so many movies that stringing them together became a centerpiece of the toast that Mr Blue gave at my wedding. And as we've gone together I think we've established certain truths. When it comes to horror movies, he's much more forgiving of cinematic faults than I am. When it comes to any other genre - I am. If there's a sci-fi movie that the critics dislike and one of us likes it, the other will invariably see the good in that film and champion it along with him. But then there's the other movies... the Eternal Sunshines.

I love that movie. I love what it has to say and the ways that it says it. I think the performances are great and Tom Wilkinson rules all. Even reading those sentences will cause Mr Blue to throw up a bit in his mouth. I think the dividing line between us is that occasional 'artsy' movie that will speak to the snob in me, and not be good enough for the snob in him. You know the movies, when you look at them and say, "are they trying to be 'indie?'

That's really where Blue and I part ways. We understand this. I go to these movies by myself or with Ashley or rent them - and then tell Blue not if I think they're good or not, but if I think he'll think they're good. And often they'll be accompanied by an admission of, "okay, so I liked it... I'm not so sure about you..." I'm pretty sure the reason he didn't hate Moon is because I didn't love it. I 'mostly' liked it, so he 'mostly' didn't...

You can't imagine my relief that he liked 500 Days of Summer.

So we don't go to those movies together. But when James Cameron comes knocking on our door, or a Wolfman is howling at the moon, we'll be there. We speak Wachowski and feel bad for those that don't. We know that Tony Stark is awesome and that Spider-Man 4 better be better than Spider-Man 3.

And you better believe we'll be front row for Kick-Ass.