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Whose House?

I had a little credit left over on the video-game front and picked up Heavy Rain yesterday.  I'm hoping it succeeds in making me enjoy it (not that I expect it to be bad, of course) as I was also holding a fresh copy of God of War 3 in my hands and the English major side of me won out.  Having just polished off the God of War Collection not too long back I was concerned with getting too much of the same too soon and Rain looked to be something completely different to hold me over.  I am currently on Chapter 12 of Final Fantasy XIII with a wee bit left to squeeze out of it so I hesitate to start HR proper, but I did toss it in just to see what was what and I dug the intro.  Had you told me fifteen years ago that I would be buying a game that simulates me brushing my teeth and then taking a shower I doubt I would have believed you unless said shower and teeth involved a hail of gunfire.  Maybe it does and I'm just not at that stage yet.  Anyhow:  I look forward to deliving in deeper as the week goes on, schedule depending.

Enjoy your Friday.