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Has it Been That Long?


We here at P3 love a good Matrix reference. Over the years we've made no secret of our love of that trilogy (yes, the whole trilogy) and we've tipped our hat in that direction more than once.

As I was lettering this strip, I started thinking about how long these movies have been around for. The original Matrix was '99 - but even Reloaded and Revolutions came out in '03. Ashley and I had just met and I was working in a comic shop thinking about how great of a year for movies '03 was shaping up to be. (it's true: X2, the Matrix sequels, Return of the King, and the first Pirates movie are just the icing on a giant cake of goodness.)

So what's the point of this reminesence? It all boils down to this: I think we've turned a corner. In the days of P3: Classics, the Matrix references were topical, really commonplace in geekspeak. Now: we've entered the realm of nostalgia. Matrix references have gone from "oh my god i can't wait to see that movie!" to "I haven't watched that in a while..."

I'm not really commenting on it one way or the other - I just thought it was interesting.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go pop in my blu-rays...