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I managed to pick up one of the more difficult trophies for Heavy Rain over the weekend - The Perfect Crime - which made for an interesting story.  I'm only missing a handful of trophies for it (sitting around 84% or some such currently) the bulk of which will come in unlocking the rest of the game's endings.  There are 18 in total and I'm sitting at 10 though I'm putting the game aside for a bit so that I don't end up hating it.  You can start your play-through on any chapter you like though you'll need to play to the end in order to unlock said ending and I figure I have another 3 plus hours of doing the same scenes over and again before finishing it proper and I simply don't have that in me quite yet.

The first few hours of God of War 3 are amazing though that's to be expected.  I look forward to deliving further into the end of Kratos' revenge.  Final Fantasy XIII is nearly done as well, on the final chapter and things are getting...painful.  A good kind of painful, oddly, but painful nonetheless.  Hopefully here in the next few I'll be done with the main story so I can do all of the side quests and trophies at my leisure.  I still have Demon's Souls to contend with!  And Red Dead Revolver comes out next month and I have a strong feeling that's going to suck my life away something fierce.

Enjoy today's strip.  Hope everyone who celebrates had a good Easter and for those who don't:  I hope you at least got to eat some candy anyhow.  Catch you fools on the flip side.