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Who doesn't enjoy a little Mecha Judge JB Humor? 

Quick notes for your Friday:  I'm mildly interested in DC Universe Online.  The footage I've seen looks interesting but I'm trying my darndest not to care as it's being made by SOE and they have yet to not jack up an MMO.  Someone may argue that Everquest 2 is still doing well, but their track record reads like Sherman's march through the South, so my interest is heavily burdened.

The Amy and I have begun Battlestar Season 3 proper having finally wrapped 2.5 and it's still great.  We also just watched Razor, one of the "films" that take place in the world and it too had some interesting backstory to it regarding the Pegasus crew and history.  Such a great show.

Demon's Souls, I'm finding, is a pretty good MMO substitute.  Many similar trappings can be found within and it helps cure the itch of mine that rears its ugly head every now and again.  You have your grinding, your item gathering, your need to explore and level up before heading into new areas, your death penalty, even your PVP elements.  Speaking of:  some fool invaded my game last night and killed me good.  The level cap in this is 712 (I believe, or at least close to that) and I'm 29 if that tells you how new I am, and his equipment looked like a shining beacon from God with mine weighing in like some dude who owns a compound somewhere out in Oklahoma preparing for the end days.  That kind of equipment.  Who finds pleasuring it gutting someone so quickly?  The same people who go to the starter zones in an MMO and mow through new people for no good reason.  I hope I never attain that level of boredom. 

And finally:  it is my brother Mike's birthday today.  He's around 60 or something.  I dunno.  Happy Birthday bro.  Don't eat too much junk food, you'll get indigestion.