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Well, Kratos' revenge is complete.  All in all, I'd say God of War 3 is a darn good entry in the Kill Everything genre and a solid conclusion to the trilogy.  Were I being honest, I would say 3 is the weakest of the bunch with 2 being my favorite followed quite closely by the first, but this should not suggest that I dislike 3.  Far from it.  I heard that after a point the scale of the title ratches back a bit losing some of its "epic" edge, and I'll agree with that.  The opening is so gigantic and the set pieces that follow shortly thereafter the same that anything that doesn't live up to that is certainly going to be a step back (but, come on, a step back in a God of War game is at the very least on par with, if not better, than most other games), but it is a wee bit jarring, were I being honest.  Given how GoW 2 ends it makes you feel like every single piece of the final act is going to be huge scoops of excess and you get that initally and it's sad somewhat to see that dwindle.  Still, a good experience and if you're a fan of the series, well, my recommendation won't sway you one way or the other.

I feel like I've been tearing through games lately.  My output is usually not quite as staggering, and for some I'm sure what I hold as "tearing through" others will merely see as "brushing aside", but in a month, I've wrapped Darksiders, Heavy Rain, Final Fantasy XIII, and now GoW3.  Not too terrible.  I need to put the finishing touches on FF VIII but I still lack the drive to grind the necessary...grind to do so.  Maybe in a week when I settle in my gaming expoits that will change.  I may start up the first Yakuza game as I've heard good things and 3 looks downright ridiculous.  Given you can play through the first two entries for $20 bucks, well, why not?  Oh yeah, and Ghostbusters.  Cause I ain't afraid.

Red Dead Redemption hits next month which is the next game on my MOAR list.  Open world sandbox wild west game?  Why yes.  Yes.  i do believe I'll purchase one of those. 

Final Fun Fact:  All 9 seasons of The X-Files are available streaming through Netflix.  The Amy and I are 8 episodes into Season 1.  Do your part and join us, won't you?