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And taking names.


Yesterday, Mr. Blue and I headed to the theater to join in the madness that is Kick Ass... and it was fantastic. I'm not sure if on this forum I need to make the usual, "if excessive violence and vulgar 12 year old girls bother you, don't see this movie" disclaimer, but consider it made.

That said, I feel kind of lucky to be one of the (apparently many) people out there who find this entertaining. Roger Ebert seems to think that means there's something wrong with me, but I can't find myself taking it that seriously to begin with.

I really wish I could sum up why the movie is so entertaining - but it just is. The score ranges from zippy pop music (when Hit-Girl comes to town) to deadly serious melodrama, and so does the movie. But it manages its mood swings so well that it feels like one solid, cohesive movie.

I think a huge portion of it also comes down to casting. Having Nicholas Cage be the only major 'name' in the movie was an awesome choice. Though, after this movie Chloe Moretz is going to be on everyone's 'one to watch' list. And honestly the whole cast does a great job of playing it as 'real' as possible - while at the same time making a hilarious movie.

Before I wander into the rambling territory, I do want to mention that every action sequence had its own distinct style and choreography. It never got rote. Even after watching Hit Girl leap in to action for the third time, everything she was doing felt completely new... it's also really not smart to screw with Big Daddy.

Really, the bottom line review is this: in the middle of the movie Blue leaned over to me and said, "I already want to see it again" and that feeling's only gotten stronger since I've left the theater.

Enjoy the show.



I agree with everything Joe just said.  Immediately after leaving the theater I wanted to turn around and see it again.  Now I have no ties to the source material having never read it and only vague hints of what I might be in for thanks to Joe so admittedly, my perception might be skewed towards love.  I know there are some out there who genuinely dislike Millar and are using that to cloud their judgment, but those people are idiots.  Much like Ebert.  And I'll be honest:  while I'm sure I'm far more desensitized than most given my usual films of choice, I saw little that jumped out at me as morally reprehensible.   Yeah, because no classics have ever depicted violent children.  Anyhow:  see it.  Holy crap.

Also, today is a two-for-one special here at P3.  You're getting Friday's strip and today's.  How about that?  Sorry for the delay.  You weren't missing anything special.